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10 May 2008 @ 03:47 am
new layout!  
OMG it worked!! YAY I have a new layout. a KATTUN layout hehe. Ive never changed my layout sicne like 2 yrs ago when all i did was change the backgroud pic and the colors. and now i dont remember how the heck i did that. hehe maybe ill change it more often now depending on who i like and what layouts i can find lol right now Don't U Ever Stop is stuck in my head so KATTUN it is ^_^

I have also now used Kattun, News, SS501 and Super Junior somewhere in my profile ^_^
My Recent Entries is now called She Said... (Kattun)
My Friends is now called Best Friend (News)
My Archive is now called Deja Vu (SS501)
My User Info is now called I Am (Super Junior)

My comments is now 誰も知らないStory話してSlowly (Kattun- Don't U Ever Stop)
My read comments is now.. I want you to know my sweet emotion (News Summer Time)
and the subtitle to my journal is This is the Summer Time (well..it is ^_^)

If only i could fins some way to use Big Bang... then that would be like all my favorite groups

Hopefully the titles I chose somewhat make sense. If yo uhave better ideas feel free to tell me ^_^

btw the song Liar by News has this really catchy part in it. I really like it. where its all you are lying you are lying sonna uso de ore wo damaseru to omu kai?....
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Current Music: News- Liar