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15 October 2008 @ 01:55 am
So I was bored and browsing mysoju for something to watch and remembered that ive heard a lot about koizora and never watched it. Then i realized that Miura Haruma (Kazama Ren from Gokusen 3) is in it! After watching Gokusen and Koizora I REALLY like him! too bad he's younger >_< Anyways Koizora was REALLY good. It made me cry tho. But I really liked it. I want a Hiro (Miura's character) for my own. Someone find me one.

Now I might watch Love Complex since Shuuji and Nobuta have talked about it before and I also watched some previews of Maou after hearing Shuuji and Nobuta talk endlessly about that drama too. It looks like something I might like even tho i dont really like leader or Toma BUT I will watch it. and Truth is the theme song. how can i not watch it?!? lol

I want a HIRO!!!!!!! >_<

I might have to watch the drama version too now of Koizora even tho the cast is different. its good!

So I started watching Love Complex. Koike Teppei is in it AND Namab Sempai...fine... Mizushima Hiro is in it and yall didnt tell me?!?!?!?! >_< who else is in this?? Tanoshimi!!! ...i might get no sleep tonight lol

Just finished Lovely Complex. It was cute!! But I didnt like the main girl. She had the worst hair ever and style lol. and what was with the kansai ben lol. it was pretty bad hahahahaha but i still liked it.

ok ive edited this post like 500 times

ANYWAYS IM like totally in love with Miura Haruma right now <3 why is he younger?!!? He can totally sing too!!!! heard some stuff on youtube and downloaded ^_^ His bands on hiatus now tho cuz hes acting. Anyway I was looking through Myojo and Junon magazines that my violin teacher just brought me back from japan for a poster or something of Miura and there was one!!!! front page. a poster for his new drama that apparently just started on Oct. 11 Bloody Monday I MUST WATCH!!!! but he had dark hair. I really like him with blonde hair >_< and you know who else is in the drama and on the poster??? Sato Takeu the guy who plays Okada in Rookies!!!! Hes hott too lol.

and you know what else I found in Junon?? A school calander with pretty boys all over the plays lol like Miura and W-inds, Yamamoto Yusuke, Mizushima Hiro, etc <3 <3 <3 its on my wall now it goes from october to march YAY!!!
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