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29 October 2008 @ 01:50 am
Maou vs Kurosagi  
So Im hooked on Maou. Started it Saturday night and Im about to watch the last episode. It's such a good series. ^_^

While I was watcing it it kept reminding me of Kurosagi tho lol. When Naoto is like Im going to catch you and Naruse/Tomoo was like catch me if you can it reminded me of Kashima always being after Kurosagi. Then Shiori and Naruse reminded me of Tsurara and Kurosagi.Especially when he was like I dont need love. Its like the same thing Kurosagi said to Tsurara. he doesnt need love or happiness. And both Kurosagi and Naruse are doing what they do because of revenge for their family. Both Tsurara and Shiori plead them to stop but they dont listen. Anyways both dramas are AWESOME and everyone should watch ^_^

ok....off to watch the last episode ^_^
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